10 harmful effects of smoking

Smoking does not only cause health disorders but also kills. Please read carefully all the 10 harmful effects of smoking and decide your future plan will you smoke after reading the side effects or not.

1. Bad breath

Smoking may lead to severe and persistent bad breath. Smoking is a popular cause of digestion problems, throat infections, and accumulation of chemicals within the oral cavity.

2. Blindness

Smoking also affects your vision. Research reveals that smoking increases one’s risk of suffering from waterfalls, age-related macular deterioration, and optic nerve damage and can actually cause blindness.

3. Can cause cancer

This dangerous effect of cancer is known by most people including smokers. Surprisingly, most smokers tend to overlook this fact. Smoking leads to cancer of the nose, mouth, larynx, lungs, trachea, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, cervix, bone marrow and blood. A large percentage of chemicals contained in a cigarette are known to be cancer-causing. These chemicals joined with the heat of the smoke leads to alterations in your cells causing them to increase in an unrestrained way that can lead to cancer.

4. Development of crumples and untimely ageing

Smokers tend to look older than they are. Chemicals present in cigarettes cause the fine capillaries under the skin to diminish and shrinks the blood flow to the skin. Without sufficient supply of blood and oxygen to the skin, the skin looks dull and old. Eventually, permanent lines and wrinkles will be formed on the skin.

5. Heart diseases

Subject to data and statistics, a smoker has a higher risk to suffer from coronary artery disease and stroke than a non-smoker. Furthermore, their risk of suffering from lung cancer is even greater. The smoke from the cigarette will manipulate your blood and make it thicker. As a result, blood clots can be formed.

6. Wrecks the lungs

Cigarettes have a large number of chemicals which leave considerable amounts of residue in your lungs, airways and your entire body in general. All this residue ends up clogging your lungs leading to breathing problems and lowered lung function. This lack of fresh oxygen and blood to various parts of your body causes fatigue and breathlessness.

7. Is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction

If you have been finding it difficult to maintain an erection of late, it’s probably your cigarettes are to blame. According to a paper published by the NHS on the link between smoking and erectile dysfunction; smoking leads to the constriction of blood vessels that directly leads to the inability to maintaining an erection. Moreover, nicotine is known to affect the blood vessels supplying the penis directly, making it difficult for you to have and maintain an erection.

8. Hardened skeleton

With time the bone density of the smokers’ decreases. Smoking multiplies the amount of calcium leeched from the bones. The loss in bone density leads to early onset of osteoporosis, joint pain and even loss of teeth due to excessive loss of bone density in the jaws.

9. Stained teeth

Tar content in the cigarette is known to stain the teeth. This tar is difficult to clean with brushing and usually forms permanent stains on a smoker’s teeth. As well, it kills the good bacteria in the mouth, increases the amount of saliva secreted and causes a higher amount of plaque formation on your teeth.

10. Low libido and early ejaculation

Early ejaculation is common with young smokers. This is because smoking leads to a lack of blood flow, lowered sensation in the penis, heart disease and lack of stamina. All these lead to the lack of proper function of the male reproductive system, causing premature ejaculation.



Rashed jaman


  1. Thanks Jaman for this good information. One time i traveled to South Sudan and stayed their for some 1and half year, a friend of mine one time was taken to the hospital due to the bad situation He was undergoing. A few days later he was found with rotting lungs due to over smoking. this brought bad breathe from his mouth and by that time he had lost urge for sex. Plse my fellow readers take this as a note !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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