About me

I am Rashed jaman from Bangladesh. I am a electrical engineer and working in small captive power plant here in my my photocountry. If you ask me, what is my hobby then obviously my first answer will be blogging and then others like playing cricket, table tennis, football, reading book, shopping, and travels.

I have also interest in the tech world where every day some new innovation is discovered. Today’s worlds is just like an open book if you need any help regarding any issues just take your Smartphone and open any web browser and search your topics. You will get one after another result instantly. But the problem is finding out the best effective ways from of them.

Every people have some aim in their life as like me, i also have an aim that assists people who is aware of smoking and finding a guideline to get rid of it. This day it’s really very difficult to find a proper guideline on the internet about quit smoking.

In 2016  i decided to quit smoking and jump on the internet to find the better guideline about quit smoking or best guideline for stop smoking. I have found many resources about it and finally, i  decided to make a platform regarding the best guideline to quit smoking.

To days tipsforstopsmoking.com is one of the best discovers from the past days. I have faced so many complicacy and wrong way on the internet for the best guideline to quit smoking and finally, i have discovered the effective ways to quit smoking. Hope my little help will guide you on the right track and come back you on smoke-free life.

If you have any queries about any issues please feel free to contact me.