BEST NICOTINE PATCHESPeople who use nicotine patches are more likely to quit smoking. They don’t contain much of the toxic chemicals found in cigarette. The goal of patches is to cut down on cravings for nicotine and ease the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

They are used correctly for best results. People are more likely to use the gum and patches correctly than other forms.

Nicotine Patch

The patch is worn on the skin and the body absorbs nicotine through the skin to the bloodstream. They have a pad containing nicotine, the pad is covered with a plastic layer made to look like a bandage. They are designed to last for 24 hours and deliver a specific amount of nicotine. They come in different sizes, it’s advised to start with the strongest patch, it must correlate with how much you smoked.

Gum and lozenge

To release nicotine, you chew the gum and place it inside the cheek and the suck the lozenge. Nicotine will be absorbed through the lining of the mouth.


The nicotine inhaler looks like a plastic cigarette holder. It can be used together with gum and lozenge, it’s available only by prescription. They have a cartridge that contains nicotine that plugs into a plastic holder. Whenever the cravings occur, the inhaler is used much like a cigarette. The instructions state either inhale deeply into the throat or take short puffs off of the inhaler.

Nicotine Nasal Spray

The nasal spray provides a quick dose of nicotine to satisfy a craving you are unable to ignore. It works by providing nicotine to the body to decrease the withdrawal symptoms experienced when smoking is stopped and reduce the cravings. It should however, be used together with a smoking cessation program.


Just like any other consumable product, nicotine products too may have some side effects. This is especially true when you use a considerably high amount of doses. It is advised to use these products moderately to avoid extreme side effects. Most common side effects may include headaches, nausea, and other digestive problems. Some people get a problem trying to sleep especially at the beginning of the dosage, most often with the patch. This problem usually ceases with time.

Nicotine patches are okay for use by most people with stable heart or blood circulation problems. But, the unhealthy cholesterol levels caused by smoking do not get better until the nicotine patch is stopped.

Pregnant women should be cautious when using nicotine products. They could be exposing the unborn baby to the risk of having a faster heart rate by using the products.

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  1. Hi Rasheed, Great article and this is what I am planning on doing and starting the patches next Saturday. I was on the patches before and off them for two and a half weeks, I,m going to try again to use the patches because there going to expensive and I want to look after my health, anyway I find the patches help me better than the other smoking aids but there again everybody different,

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