easiest ways to quit smokingBelow are the best methods that have been adopted by those who quit. Quitting depends largely on an individual resolution, the determination you have and diverse of factors affecting your daily life. But here are the approaches to try if you are really determined to quit smoking.

Try something different other than nicotine

Replacing nicotine has worked well for most people. This could involve smearing a nicotine cover, using nicotine pills, or any other possible therapy. It lowers the nicotine content absorbed in the body. Eventually, you will find yourself doing without either nicotine and replacement. It has always not been said to be the best method but most people agree it has worked for most people.

Prompt Avoidance

All smokers would agree that there are certain prompts that cause them to crave cigarettes more compared to other situations. These triggers vary from one smoker to the next. Maybe when they are deep in thought, driving alone, and some just allocate some time in between the day to smoke.

When the thought of quitting gets in your mind, these prompts will become even stronger and you might realize that you’re smoking even more compared to other times. To avoid these cravings, it’s important to ensure that you engage in something different in situations that you normally smoke. Put some nice melodies and practice some singing if you smoke while driving. If you allocated some time for smoking, schedule this time with something different, maybe do some push-ups.

Quit Cold Turkey

To most people, it may seem strange especially since most experts advise that you never try to quit cold turkey. Subject to data and statistics, more than a half ex-smokers have used this method. There are some other measures that need to be in place to ensure this method is working and rewarding. You can’t do this alone; you need all kind of support from people around you.

Being close to those who matter to you will help you develop and execute a plan that will guide you towards your course. This involves a lot of willpower, constant reminders why they were quitting and people who were looking out for their wellbeing.

Be firm in this gradual process

This process requires confidence determination, maybe you can decide to smoke less than you used to. Chain smokers can reap the most benefit from this method. Over the long term, they might realize they are no longer smoking since they were cutting cigarette intake day by day…

This gradual but constant cutting back of cigarette intake progressively depletes the amount of nicotine in your body and makes the cravings easier to resist, varying from one smoker to the next.

This is true for nearly all the different methods subscribed by different smokers. They will not work the same for all people, they will work best for some while others might realize no change at all. Just because a certain method worked for someone you know, it’s not obvious that t will work for you. Quitting is something personal and requires personal commitment, it’s upon an individual to figure out the best way to do it.We have discussed easiest ways to quit smoking and hope this guideline will help you to give up smoking cigarette permanently from your life.

Rashed jaman


  1. Hi Rashed,
    So grateful information I am smoking cigarette since 2 years I get a lot of help from your post to leave cigarette smoking. Keep it up, and spreading the words for human life.

  2. I have recently started vaping as another method to quit the habit of smoking. I have been struggling for years to fully quit using many techniques from gum chewing to straight cold turkey. Outside of 2 pregnancies which were the longest time spans I did not smoke in the last 10 years so far vaping has at least cut down the amount of cigarettes I smoke per day. I have to agree that at the end of the day I have to decide that I want to commit to breaking the habit and I hope I reach that commitment before the habit causes me greater health issues.

  3. Yeah vaping helps many people to quit smoking. Hope people will encourage by your comment and follow your tips for quitting smoking. I will write a details review about vaping very soon.


  4. Hello Rashed
    I`m a heavy smoker, (17-20) cigarettes a day. In my mind I like to quit, but to do it is another thing. Your tips and comments make me feel stronger to quit. Have bookmarked your site so I can go back again.
    Thank you for your efforts to try and help us smokers to quit, think your site here can help many of us.


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