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Overall Ranking: 4.3 Out of 5
Price: 32.43 (4mg, Mint Flavor, 81 Pcs)
Owners: GSK group of companies
Website: http://www.nicorette.com


Nicorette Lozenge contains a certain dose of nicotine. It dissolves to reduce the urge associated with smoking. Even after the effect of the Lozenge is gone, it still increases your opportunity of quitting smoking. Lozenge has directions and once adhered to, it boosts the chances of success.

Product Size:

It comes with two different packets 2mg and 4mg. But the pics of lozenges contain in the packets depends on the packet size. There are several packets available in the market. Few available packets listed below:

A. Mini Nicotine Lozenge(4mg, 81 Count)
B. Normal Nicorette Lozenge (4mg, 144 Count)
C. Nicorette Cools Lozenge Mint (2mg, 80 Count)
D. Nicorette Mini Lozenge Mint (4 mg, 20 Count)
E. Nicorette Cools Lozenge Mint (4mg 80 Count)

Advantage of Nicorette Lozenge:

Lozenge comes in small packages but it is highly efficient in minimizing your cravings. Its effects can still be felt even when the Lozenge is gone and keeps you strong during your quit period. It is very portable and fits perfectly in the purse. Nicorette Lozenges belongs to an aspect of medication known as smoking cessation aids. They operate by simply discharging some amount of nicotine in your body to minimize the withdrawal effects you notice after quitting smoking thereby reducing your desire to smoke.
Nicorette lozenge is a modern form of the nicotine replacement therapy products that are currently sold. It doesn’t  contain sugar and you can suck it slowly in order to discharge the nicotine into your system. It comes in two different types which are 2mg and 4mg. If you smoke your first cigarette within 30minutes of waking up every day, then you can utilize the 4mg lozenge.

Nicorette lozenge comes with different types of flavor and each lozenge contains 1mg of nicotine in the most natural form of nicotine powder. Nicorette lozenge is a perfect option for those with minimal nicotine dependency and not those who smokes above one and a half packets of cigarette per day.

Using Lozenge can improve your chances of quitting smoking. Research shows that 46% of people who were given nicotine with 2mg strength quit smoking after a test period of six weeks while compared to 30% of those given a dummy lozenge. Some of the directions of usage include not using above 20 lozenges in a day and minimum of six lozenges should be taken in six hours whereas only one lozenge should be taken at once.

Lozenge should be slowly sucked and not rapidly chewed for a perfect outcome. Some of the benefits obtained from using Nicorette lozenge includes control over the amount of nicotine that is discharged into the blood stream since the user can use a piece of nicotine gum to tackle the effects of a particularly bad urge, It has a quicker rate of action since it is rapidly absorbed thereby reducing the urge for smoking.
Nicorette lozenge has proved highly effective in combating smoking. It has a high success rate and the medium of using it is very simple. The taste is pleasant with varieties of fragrance and it is available in different doses. In addition to this, it is very handy and discrete. Nicorette lozenge does not require any means of chewing, it doesn’t contain sugar hence you shouldn’t be scared of adding weight and you do not need to be careful while disposing of the lozenge.
Nicorette contains nicotine which is regarded as a catalyst to help quit smoking. Nicorette produces a minimal amount of nicotine hence it reduces the symptoms

Product Quality:

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a reputed pharmaceutical company established in 2000. Quality of the product seems good because its has also very good user rating in amazon.

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Final Opinion:

As per the user reviews, it’s clear that it has the ability to minimize smoking habit and can be used without any hesitation. The quality of the product is better than others because it is made by a reputed pharmaceutical company.

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