Ramadan is the best time for quit smoking

Quit Smoking In ramadanProbably you already understand what i am actually going to write. Yes, Ramadan is the best time if you want to quit smoking. Ramadan is the nine month of the Islamic calendar, during this month Muslim denomination were fasting daylight to sunset hours. So if you are from a Muslim family and really wants to quit smoking it is the best time for you to give up smoking. In Ramadan, you have lots of probability to quit smoking because during Ramadan most of the times you are not eating anything except the iftar and sehri times. Here i am trying to make a step by step time frame which will helps you to avoid smoking during Ramadan. So let’s see the step by step guideline. One more thing you have to keep in your mind always, that you are not the only person in the world who wants quit smoking, keep faith yourself and make a planning accordingly.

  • After taking sehri you are not permitted to take foods up to evening(iftar times). If you can avoid smoking this period then you probably entered the goal which you promised yourself.
  • After finished iftar, you should go for maghrib prayer. In this period you have no time to lit a cigarette.
  • When you finished your maghrib prayer you should ready yourself for Esha and tarabi pryer. After maghrib to Esha prayer, you will get sometimes to lit a cigarette but this is the time you have to avoid smoking. In this period you can pass your time with your family members. During this time you can drink some fresh fruits.
  • When you will finish your Esha prayer you should take your dinner and finally go to the bad.
  • Remember do not bring a single cigarette to home.
  • In sehri times just awake 30-40 min before your fajr prayer and after sehri finish your fajr prayer.

Dr. Ahmad Al Mulla, Head of the Hamad Medical Corporation’s, said: “Fasting in Ramadan provides an ideal opportunity for smokers to quit so the number of people who visit us with the intention of quitting during this time is higher than during other periods of the year. We are prepared to provide them with professional advice that will help them quit permanently.”

Read the above suggestion from a doctor he also agreed that Ramadan is the best time to quit smoking cigarettes. Hope you understand the point of this guideline and make yourself to avoid smoking during Ramadan.

Rashed jaman

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