Nicotine gum is not chewed like other gums because it is possible that all the nicotine will be directly discharged and mixed with the saliva. This effect can cause terrible stomach ache and ginger your desire for a cigarette.

A method called “chew and park” is usually adopted and it involves four basic steps.

  • Breakdown the gum by chewing it persistently for some time until you can feel a peppery taste in your mouth.
  • Just the way you chew a tobacco, Pack the nicotine gum between your cheek and gum, this will make the lining to be absorbed into your bloodstream and also flow to your brain within some minutes.
  • Repeat the parking and chewing step until the peppery taste in your mouth gradually diminishes.
  • Absorb all the nicotine present in the gum by continuously repeating the chew and park process for about 20 to 30 minutes.

The positive effects of Nicotine gum are in two parts. Firstly, It helps to keep your mind and mouth busy and secondly, it discharges minute quantity of Nicotine into the bloodstream with the help of the vessels and this helps chronic smokers to gradually withdraw from smoking.

The reason why most people doubts the effects of Nicotine gum is because they chew it like an ordinary gum hence it goes to the stomach directly from the saliva instead of flowing through the blood vessels to the mouth when it is chewed properly.

You should avoid taking citric juices and coffees about thirty minutes before taking the nicotine gum in order to boost the activeness of the gum since the ingredients that make up these drinks counters the effects of nicotine.

You should take note of the amount you take daily. It is advisable to follow the prescription and avoid taking more or less if you want to improve its effects on smoking habit. The withdrawal symptom is experienced by those who take it below prescription and it also delays quitting process if taken too much.

Try to study your desire for smoking and as it reduces, make sure you also reduce the number of nicotine chewing gum pieces you take also. A passionate support from your loved ones is also necessary to facilitate the resistance to the temptation of smoking.

Most of the Nicotine gums has a hotline number printed on it. You can also call these numbers when you face any challenge as regarding quitting smoking. Medication and counseling are the proven methods that help people to quit smoking. Research shows that nicotine gums are the perfect option for those that intend to quit smoking but still struggling for nicotine withdrawal.

It is not advisable for pregnant women to use nicotine since it is dangerous to the fetus. A nicotine overdose can be experienced when you smoke and use the gum simultaneously. It is advisable to talk to your doctor in the case of ulcer, high blood pressure or any dental problem. As long as nicotine gum is properly used, It has a high success guarantee and helps to quit smoking.


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